Accents are often crucial in making a performance believable even though they sadly might not always be in the forefront of an actor’s mind when starting a new job. Like make-up or costumes, accents can be used to indirectly describe a character and tell the audience more about their story. When an accent is delivered well, it makes the character more believable and thereby improves the actor’s performance by lengths.

Similarly, an accent can break a performance when inaccurate or when insufficient time was invested in adopting the character’s accent completely.


My linguistic training helps me understand how facial muscles affect our accents as well what sounds are important for which accents. Understanding how your muscles work is the first step to learning any accent. I can help you take those muscles under conscious control – regardless if you natively speak with a Brummie accent or if your native language isn’t even English.

I fluently speak German, Swiss German, as well as General American English, RP, and Standard Scottish English. I also speak French and Spanish and thanks to years of studying linguistics I know the sound systems of various languages – ranging from European languages like Italian or Russian to languages like Nepali or Navajo. Having studied such diverse sound systems gives me the expertise to teach you ANY accent you would like to acquire.


Every person learns in a different way and I create unique coaching sessions that fit and help YOU the best. I offer workshops as well as individual coaching and can work in person, online, and on set.

My rates vary from project to project so please contact me if you’d like to know more and discuss your project with me.